The Big Two

The Big Two Episode 6: Frolic With the Mermaids

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In this episode Joey and Chanel discuss Superman Year One Book 2, Absolute Carnage Vs Deadpool #1, Powers Of X (10)#3,Year Of The Villain Black Mask #1. What’s On Your Mind?They have a discussion about how overwhelming it can be with a plethora of Variants/Tie In’s to purchase on NCBD. Stay tuned to the very end for The Big Two special featured artist Dart Danger.

Intro (0:00)
Superman Year One Book 2 (4:53)
Absolute Carnage VS Deadpool #1 (20:14)
What’s On Your Mind?
Overwhelming Variants/Tie In’s (34:52)
Powers Of X (10) (44:09)
YOTV Black Mask #1 (1:01:05)
Closing (1:12:49)
Dart Danger “Survivor”(1:16:55)

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Instagram: thebigtwopodcast

Intro theme Provided by Gerry Green
Outro Provided by Fortress Of Graves

The Big Two features various artists
whom are sole owners of their respective licenses.

Stay Tuned to the very End
This episode special featured Artist is
Dart Danger “Survivor” from the album
Dark Passenger

The Big Two Episode 5: As Popular As Darkseid

In this episode Joey introduces his new permanent Co-Host Chanel Ward a newbie to the Comic Book Geek Culture. Joey welcomes her to the show by discussing Powers Of X(10), Batman: The Last Knight On Earth, Silver Surfer Prodigal Sun #1, Lois Lane #1. They Discuss what they bought in the shop this week in The Comic Shop Adventures Segment. Joey asks what is Chanel’s most sought after book in The What’s On Your Mind Segment. So stick around while i spell check the show notes !!

Intro (0:00)

Powers Of X(10) (3:56)

Batman: The Last Knight On Earth (20:35)

Comic Shop Adventures (33:37)

Silver Surfer Prodigal Sun #1 (48:15)

Lois Lane #1 (55:51)

What’s On Your Mind (1:04:56)

Closing (1:11:29)

Twitter: @TheBigTwoPod

Instagram: thebigtwopodcast

Facebook: @TheBigTwoPodcast

The Big Two Episode 4: Albert Morales Special Edition

In this Special Edition Episode Joey speaks with Albert Morales Creator of Samurai Senorita, Super Impacto, Artist for Marvel/Upperdeck Trading cards and so much more. They talk a bit about Albert’s work with Marvel, Samurai Senortia, and his time in the squared circle. stay tuned for this slobber knocker of an episode!!

The Big Two Episode 3: Vampirella Launch Exclusive

In this episode Joey come to you live from Monster Comics Books for the Collectors Choice Comics Vampirella Variant Exclusive launch party. He speaks with Chanel Ward a new reader about Fantastic Four Prodigal Sun #1, He speaks brief on Lois Lane #1, Joey interviews Local cosplayer TinyKCosplay Krista McArthur , The Stuck Duck Micah Garcia, and freelance comic artist Chinh Potter live from monster comics! Later in the show Joey and Billy Dayden Local Youtube host of Economics In Comics Speak about MCU Phase 4,and a lil Far From Home. sit back and listen to this jammed packed episode of comic book goodies!!

The Big Two Episode 2: Collectors Choice Comics Special Edition

In this special edition episode Joey speaks with Kevin Gawthrope Co-Owner of Collectors Choice Comics. They discuss Vampirella #1 50th Anniversary Collectors Choice Comics Monte Michael Moore exclusive variant. Kevin’s humble beginnings collecting Star Wars, Kevin’s Holy Grail, and so much more!! make sure you stay til the end for a very special exclusive incentive!!

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