Save the World Episode 7 — Fathers Day Harmonica Serenade

And we are back with a Happy Fathers Day episode dedicated to everyone whether they are a father or not. Unfortunately we encountered some audio problems for the first fifteen minutes so if it becomes unbearable please jump ahead.

We discuss some comics and gifts we’ve received before jumping into our book club discussion about Michael Chabon‘s Kavalier & Clay. That led us into talking about the differences that make a book a good story or good art.

Michael then jumps into several books he’s recently read,

Piers Anthony‘s Sos the Rope,

James SA Corey‘s Tiamat’s Wrath from the Expanse series,

and William T. Vollmann‘s The Dying Grass.

This naturally leads the guys into

The Great British Bake Off

and the Food Networl’s Kid’s Baking Championship,

the History Channel’s series Alone,

ultimate fighting, the NBA, the joy of sports community, nerdiness, and fandom, and the story of Hank Gathers, Bo Kimble and Loyola Marymount’s run at an NCAA basketball championship. And that’s just the highlights!

Enjoy the show and tell a friend.

The Big Two Episode 1 Darkity Dark Dark

The Big Two – Episode 1 – Darkity Dark Dark

This Is the Debut Episode of The Big Two!! In this episode host Joey Galvez and Special Guest Sean from Secret Wars And Beyond talm Action #1011 / Batman: The Return #1, Dare Devil #5 / Dare Devil #7. Challenge Of The Month Does sean Accept the challenge?? Comic Shop Adventures Joey speaks with Todd Harvey from AZ LCS Monster Comics!! Sit back relax and download this episode you won’t want to miss it.

Intro Theme Provided by 
Gerry Green of The Professor Frenzy Show 
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Intro (0:00)
Action/ Batman (5:13)
Challenge Of The Month (28:50)
Dare Devil #5 / #7 (32:33)
Comic Shop Adventures (1:01:09)
Outro (1:23:52)

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Save The World Episode 6 – Hay Is For Sheep!

A new episode is out!


If you’re interested in reading along in our book club, then pick up a copy of Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavaler & Clay.

We also highly recommend that you read Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude.

We also discuss the Game of Thrones!

Image result for Game of thrones season 8

Also, be sure to check out HBO’s Barry!

And Netflix’s The Battered Bastards of Baseball.