Stop and Smell the Analog

Paul and Michael may not always be able to save the world, but occasionally make it a little bit better by stopping to smell the analog and sharing what brings joy to their lives! Sometimes they get a little bit deep and dive into real life problems, but they always strive to push towards the positive. Most of the time. Join them as they discuss comics, movies, music, sports, life, novels, Audible, and anything else that is in their arsenal to occasionally save the world.

Smell the Analog is hosted by Paul Tesseneer and Michael Sparkman and produced by Michael Sparkman.

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Save the World Episode 8 — Baseball Cards, the X-Men, Conan and Game of Thrones Save the World

This week we discuss baseball card collecting and why it matters, the differences in value, The Professor and the Madman movie, the Oxford English dictionary, the X-Men, the Avengers, Conan, the Savage Avengers, anti-heroes, Game of Thrones, Jon Snow (anti-hero?) and a whole lot more!

Save the World Episode 7 — Fathers Day Harmonica Serenade

And we are back with a Happy Fathers Day episode dedicated to everyone whether they are a father or not. Unfortunately we encountered some audio problems for the first fifteen minutes so if it becomes unbearable please jump ahead.

We discuss some comics and gifts we’ve received before jumping into our book club discussion about Michael Chabon‘s Kavalier & Clay. That led us into talking about the differences that make a book a good story or good art.

Michael then jumps into several books he’s recently read,

Piers Anthony‘s Sos the Rope,

James SA Corey‘s Tiamat’s Wrath from the Expanse series,

and William T. Vollmann‘s The Dying Grass.

This naturally leads the guys into

The Great British Bake Off

and the Food Networl’s Kid’s Baking Championship,

the History Channel’s series Alone,

ultimate fighting, the NBA, the joy of sports community, nerdiness, and fandom, and the story of Hank Gathers, Bo Kimble and Loyola Marymount’s run at an NCAA basketball championship. And that’s just the highlights!

Enjoy the show and tell a friend.

Save The World Episode 6 – Hay Is For Sheep!



If you’re interested in reading along in our book club, then pick up a copy of Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavaler & Clay.

We also highly recommend that you read Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude.

We also discuss the Game of Thrones!

Image result for Game of thrones season 8

Also, be sure to check out HBO’s Barry!

And Netflix’s The Battered Bastards of Baseball.

Save the World Episode 5: Have a Nice Day!

Shorter but sweeter! That sums up this episode. In a small time span we cover a lot of topics. Including:
1. Avengers: Endgame
2. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly’s movie, Holmes & Watson
3. Babies at the movies
4. Sardines again!
5. Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar
6. Justin Cronin’s novel The Passage
7. Wrestling legend Bob Backlund’s autobiography
8. The East of West comic series
9. The greatness of wrestling legend Mick Foley
10. More wrestling memories
11. Brian Wood’s comic DMZ
12. Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino’s comic Gideon Falls.
Also: Michael screwed up big time last episode by referring to the great T Bone Burnett as T Bone Pickens. Apologies.

Save the World Episode 4: Unplug and Eat Sardines

Is vinyl really better? How good is De Las Soul? Should you listen to Eels? Is Paul really excited about Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker? How much hate can be generated for Star Wars?
What do sardines taste like like? What is moxie? What makes the impending doom of the world so compelling? Just how good a writer is Brian Wood?

Get the answers to these questions and many more on this episode as Paul and Michael try to save the world!

Save the World Episode 3: On Living Gluten Free and Ghost Peppers

Join us this week as we look into the awesome musical duo, The Uncluded, Egg Drop Soup, living gluten free and dealing with food allergies, love of the Ghost Pepper, the Captain Marvel movie, Shazam, the Joker trailer, Image comic Little Bird, Thor, Jason Aaron, Conan, and all things awesome!

Save the World Episode 2: Everything Isn’t Real Right Now

The guys get a little heavy this episode while talking about anger, following your passion, time management, focusing on strengths, and, of course, their kids. They also go heavy into movies. Good Will Hunting, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, Wonder, Crash discussions lead into a discussion of junk food movies. More on that next episode, which they promise will be more light and fun! Maybe. Thanks for listening!

Save the World Episode 1: Sick and Tired

Paul and Michael are back to try to save the world. This week they discuss why they are starting fresh, their kids, Roy Thomas’ DC comic Arak, the movie The Sandlot, collecting, and placing value on things. And much more!!!

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