The Big Two

The Big Two is a Positive Comic book discussion podcast centered around Marvel and DC. With segments like The Comic Shop Adventures, Comic Book Challenge Of The Month and so much more All on The 143 Podcast Network!


The Big Two – Episode 1 – Darkity Dark Dark

This Is the Debut Episode of The Big Two!! In this episode host Joey Galvez and Special Guest Sean from Secret Wars And Beyond talm Action #1011 / Batman: The Return #1, Dare Devil #5 / Dare Devil #7. Challenge Of The Month Does sean Accept the challenge?? Comic Shop Adventures Joey speaks with Todd Harvey from AZ LCS Monster Comics!! Sit back relax and download this episode you won’t want to miss it.

Intro Theme Provided by
Gerry Green of The Professor Frenzy Show
Outro Provided by Fortress Of Graves

Intro (0:00)
Action/ Batman (5:13)
Challenge Of The Month (28:50)
Dare Devil #5 / #7 (32:33)
Comic Shop Adventures (1:01:09)
Outro (1:23:52)

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Facebook: The Big Two
Instagram: TheBigTwoPod

The Big Two…Announcement!

Hear Ye Hear Ye!! There’s a brand new podcast in the land!! listen to this quick announcement of what’s to come.

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