The Elizabeth & Joey Show

The Elizabeth & Joey Show Episode 4: Vulnerability Plus Validation Equals Connection

In this insightful episode Elizabeth & Joey speak with Frank Griffits & Adam Brooks about the growing world of Teens and Social Media. We learn how to be more vulnerable and validate our children to create a connection that can last forever. The pair give us insight and tools to help our families long-term.

The Elizabeth & Joey Show Episode 3: Start Pinning It! Get Out & Do It!

In this episode of The Elizabeth & joey Show we speak with Jacquelyn Hartwig
She is a homemaker in all its glory, a business women in multiple categories. With a Bachelor of science in Applied biological sciences with a concentration in genetics and a minor in history,
She sheds some light on multiple topics namely
Women in the outdoors: how hunting and fishing are not men’s only and how to get started
The lost art of making your stuff: how weaving cloth, baking bread and canning jam cultivate gratitude and changes your outlook on consumerism
And lastly Living small to have it all: Kick The keeping up with the Joneses mentality to the curb by living dramatically under your means, in doing so this can give you some peace and freedom to create a passion for what you really want to do in life.

The Elizabeth & Joey Show Episode 2: Do You Even GISH?

In this episode of The Elizabeth & Joey Show They discover what GISH week is all about, they also discuss Zeke’s Bday, the Jurassic Park Velociraptor Encounter, Random Youtuber Pranks, Alan Dershowitz Tweets, Trumps tweet attack on Elijah Cummings , Forever 21 Fat Shaming, and last but not least another edition of Weird Headlines

The Elizabeth & Joey Show Episode 1: Reboot

Elizabeth & Joey are back and they come out the gate with a bang!! They open the show talking about Area 51, then they have a little fun taking about the kids. They dive deep into some tough topics like Detention Camps, Democratic nominees, Trump (The Troll), accusations of Rape aimed at Trump and to finish the episode with something a bit lighter they introduce a new segment called Weird Headlines. Sit back and fasten your seat belts this ones gonna be a fun ride!!